Trigaudio, provides complete or partial product design services for the following related technologies

Trigaudio is a professional audio equipment design company, which provides design and manufacturing of mixers, amplifiers, effect processors, DSP algorithm design. We accumulate knowledge and expertise from the years of experience in professional audio industry. Providing Customized Products and excellent services is our ultimate objective. In order to satisfy all of our clients, we will keep improving our quality and service. Trig Audio provides whole package of consultant and support to our clients, giving the best idea for business promotion, and make our clients to be the most popular and remarkable winners.

Service Item: (ODM)

1. Total solutions-complete proposal to customers. From ID concept to engineer sample approval.
2. ID design-concept to customers and cooperate with customer's mechanical equipment.
3. Electronic circuit part design-provide to customers parts circuit of PCB or the end of PCB layout.
4. DSP solutions(Sound effect with signal processor) solutions for DSP chipset provide or research, and definitions for product create or sound effects program preset programmed define(Guitar amp/Mixer/DJ-mixer/standalone unit/consumer products...)
5. Business marketing promote-provide for customer products marketing strategy.

Products design category description: (ODM)

Mixer-Analog (Compact/Large format/power mixer...)
Signal processor (EQ/Dynamic-compressor-limiter/Reverb...)
Active-passive speaker (Timber/Plastics/Monitor/Guitar amp...)
Tweeter & woofer design PA mobile system (Mobile active speaker integrate outboard gear)
Digital reverb DSP solution (for mixer/Guitar amp/Karaoke/Amplifier...)
Digital interface (Firewire/USB-Microphone-pre amplifier/Audio convert/midi transmission)
Wireless system (Microphone/Module...)
Audio test equipment (Frequency analysis/Sound pressure...)
Amplifier (power amplifier/guitar amplifier)
Outsourcing research (DSP/LCD-LCM module/Microphone/Headphone/Conference system...)
Tube amplifier Home theatre (Speaker/Amplifier/Karaoke/consumer audio)